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Sanya, Jakob and Florian – The pioneers behind sooley

Sanya, Jakob und Florian – Die Pioniere hinter sooley - Sooley

Meet Sanya, Jakob and Florian – the dynamic trio behind sooley. From idyllic Konstanz on Lake Constance, they are bringing a revolution to the world of orthopedic insoles. Here is her story.

Orthopedic insoles? – redefined by sooley

It has never been easier to get tailor-made insoles than now, thanks to Sanya, Jakob and Florian. From Konstanz to the whole world, they bring a solution that allows you to get custom-made insoles directly to your home without having to visit a medical supply store or doctor and its opening hours. With a simple online order and the innovative 3D scanning app, it is possible to get insoles that not only fit your foot, but also exactly fit your shoe.

The founding story of Sooley

Sanya and Jakob, the creative minds behind Sooley, were not always at home in the field of orthopedics. They encountered the challenges of the German healthcare system when they came together in their jobs. Florian, who joined later, brought a breath of fresh air and new perspectives to the start-up.

Sanya, who has been struggling with arch arches since he was 25, and Jakob, who himself has a hallux valgus, knew how difficult the traditional route via medical supply stores can be. A better solution was needed, especially for busy people like her who can't find the time to visit a medical supply store.

The breakthrough with the 3D scanning app

This is where Sooley's 3D scanning app comes into play, the company's real highlight. As experts in computer vision, Jakob and Florian were able to develop an app that provides more precise 3D scan data than many medical supply stores. It also makes the cumbersome impression set unnecessary. With this app, you scan not only your feet but also the insole of your shoe, and we make an insole that not only fits your foot perfectly, but also your shoe.

Sooley's vision

Sooley's goal is to give as many people as possible access to foot orthopedic products. That's why other shoe and insole companies around the world are allowed to use their technology. You can find a few success stories about this in one of the next blog posts.

Custom shoe insoles are not just a need, but a necessity for many people. With their vision to meet this need digitally and easily, Sanya, Jakob and Florian have made sooley what it is today - a synonym for health, comfort and modern lifestyle.

The future with sooley

With Sooley, every step is a step towards health and fitness. Whether during sport, in everyday life or at work - Sanya, Jakob and Florian are convinced that the right insoles make the difference. And thanks to their efforts, anyone, anywhere can now experience the luxury of custom orthotics.

Are you ready to give your feet the attention they deserve? Visit our webshop or scan your feet with our app . Start your journey to better health and well-being with one click.


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