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How Nadine copes with everyday life with Sooley insoles: An experience report

Wie Nadine mit Sooley-Einlagen den Alltag meistert: Ein Erfahrungsbericht - Sooley

Nadine Matthes, a committed wife and mother of three lively children, faces the challenges of family life every day. In addition to juggling household duties and walking the dog, she also suffers from foot pain caused by her standing work and the physical changes during and after pregnancy.

"I've had foot problems for a long time. Of course, after three children a lot of things change, even the way I walk."

The combination of the physical stresses of motherhood and the hormonal changes during breastfeeding didn't make her situation any easier. Nadine looked for a solution and remembered previous visits to the orthopedic doctor and the subsequent trip to an orthopedic store where she had her feet measured and received orthopedic insoles.

But this time Nadine wanted to find a more time-saving solution to avoid the tedious journey to specialists. That's how she came across Sooley and our innovative app solution, which scans the feet with millimeter precision using the 3D sensor in the iPhone so that our orthopedic shoemaker can produce optimal insoles.

At first she was skeptical:

"Hmm, almost 90€ and who knows if it all works like that... cell phone camera and stuff."

But after the orthopedic expert's video report, she decided to give it a try. Nadine describes her experience with Sooley insoles as follows:

"What can I say, these insoles fit like a glove, I'm walking again without any pain."

The custom-made insoles not only relieved her pain, but also stabilized her arched arches, both when walking and standing. Nadine raves about her versatility:

"I use them alternately from slippers to casual and work shoes. I don't want to be without them anymore."

Nadine's story illustrates the importance of comfort and functionality in the everyday life of a busy mother. Thanks to Sooley insoles, she can now focus on what really matters: spending time with her family without being hindered by foot pain.


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