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The benefits of 3D scanning with the iPhone

Die Vorteile 3D-Scannens mit dem iPhone - Sooley

3D scanning with the iPhone offers numerous advantages compared to traditional methods such as foam and plaster or other impressions in orthopedics.

  • Cost

3D scanning is significantly more cost-effective than traditional impression methods. While a foam cast costs around €10 and a plaster cast can range between €20 and €50, the price for a 3D scan for our business customers is only €6.


  • Time

3D scanning is also convincing when it comes to the time factor. A traditional impression takes about 10 minutes, while a 3D scan is completed in less than two minutes. The lower the hurdle for the user, the better.


  • Reliability

3D scanning with Apple's iPhone is just as reliable as traditional methods. The iPhone's TrueDepth scanning system is even being used in some areas for clinical applications.


  • Accuracy

A 2021 study by Vogt shows that the iPhone's TrueDepth camera system can compete with industrial 3D scanners in terms of accuracy. Although industrial scanners are still the first choice for maximum precision, Apple's system offers a competitive and lower-cost alternative with global availability.


  • Availability

There are currently approximately 1.2 billion iPhones in circulation with a TrueDepth camera system. Combined with our scanning technology, we and our business customers can help users worldwide with their foot problems.


For more information, we recommend Jeffrey A. Ross' article on PodiatryToday, "Scanning Technology And Orthotic Casting: What You Should Know"


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