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What exactly does "tailor-made" mean?

Your insoles, which are based on your personal 3D scan, contain specific support and correction features that are customized to your foot and needs. With this information, our shoemakers can figure out how your insoles can best support you. Your insoles are then made in our workshop by 3D printing and handcrafting.

We get an accurate representation of the shape, size and measurements of your feet through your 3D scan. Additional information is collected through a short questionnaire (included in the scanning process) as well as the type of shoe specified when ordering. If your shoe has a removable insole (usually on sneakers, athletic shoes), you can record it in the 3D scan. This data allows us to ensure an optimal fit. *If your insoles still do not fit perfectly, please contact us at orders@shoefitter.io and we will arrange a free fitting for you.

Constant or recurring foot pain and discomfort after exertion, such as walking or sports, are clear signs of the need for insoles. But indirect pain, such as in the knees, hips, back, head or jaw, can also be caused by misalignment of the feet. If deformity or other pain is detected, it is advisable to start wearing orthotics as early as possible.

Sooley insoles are a medical device – there is no functional or quality difference from the insoles you would get from a local medical supply store or orthopedic shoemaker. Our insoles are molded by experienced orthopedic shoemakers. We make getting custom shoe insoles just extra easy! Conveniently from home, regardless of location or opening hours and within one week.

*Did you know? If you want to reorder, you can have a new 3D scan done for free. This is important, because otherwise we are not informed about possible health changes in you.

Custom insoles are an aid that can provide individual and optimal support for feet, ligaments and joints. A custom fit from sooley provides the best possible pressure relief and can alleviate and prevent complaints such as foot, knee, hip and back pain.

We recommend seeing an orthopedic surgeon and getting a fitting from a local orthopedic shoemaker. We make insoles only from the age of 18.

We can make custom insoles for most shoe types, but there are some specific shoe types, such as very high pumps or sandals, that are not ideal for insoles.

Note: Custom insoles are tailored not only to your feet, but also to the specific type of shoe you want to wear the insoles in. However, this does not mean that sooley insoles cannot be changed between different shoes, but care should be taken to ensure that the shoe types are similar (e.g. insoles for sneakers should only be used in sneakers).

Our cover material is hypoallergenic, 100% breathable, highly resistant to wear, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making it ideal for orthopedic shoe insoles.

Sooley insoles are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This material offers excellent damping and recovery properties and maintains them even at varying temperatures. For intensive use, such as in sports shoes, the material’s resistance to abrasion ensures durability and pleasant wearing comfort. In addition, the special adaptation of the material to the requirements of 3D printing enables macrostructures of varying density in a sole, making it possible to customize it to the wearer’s needs.

All our insoles are produced in our own workshop in Constance.

With the 3D printing process, we can produce insoles in all sizes.

We are in discussions with a supplier of high quality cycling shoe insoles. However, these are not yet available.

An insole – despite the use of the best materials – is a wear item and should be replaced regularly. The exact durability depends strongly on your individual use and care. In normal use, it should be replaced after about 18 months or about 800 km of running. If you do a lot of sports, a more frequent change is recommended. We automatically remind you when it’s time for new insoles. Learn more about use and care here.

We can determine the size of your feet based on the scans from your 3D scan. In addition, we ask for your shoe size in the app, as it may not necessarily correspond to the actual size of your feet.

Through your 3D scan and the additional information requested in a short questionnaire, we can determine the exact size and measurements of your feet to ensure the best fit. If, contrary to expectations, your insoles do not fit, please contact us at orders@shoefitter.io and we will arrange for a free fitting.

The choice of shoe type is important because we design our insoles specifically for different shoe types to provide the best comfort and support in each shoe. Our goal is for you to have insoles that you don’t have to constantly change between different shoes and that provide you with optimal support in every situation. Of course, you can use your insoles in different shoes, but we recommend sticking to similar shoe types (for example, wearing insoles for sneakers only in sneakers, etc.).

Our 3D scan is an expertly developed process that is far superior to traditional methods such as blueprints, graphite impressions or 2D scans. Even compared to foam impressions, it provides more accurate information. With our app you can easily do your foot scans. Our experienced orthopedic shoemakers can determine exactly where your feet need support based on pressure distribution. We get more information from the questionnaire included in your 3D scan process. With the help of the scan, we can shape the right supportive and relieving structures (height, width, expression, hardness, etc.) for you and create your custom insoles. The advantage of this modern method is that you can create the impressions quickly and easily at home, without having to go to the post office. Your insoles will be delivered directly to your home.

Yes, because our insoles are individually tailored to your feet and complaints. Sooley custom orthopedic shoe insoles are an effective medical aid for correcting foot deformities. Due to their supporting effect, these malpositions can be corrected and the musculoskeletal system can be relieved. Our insoles can help with the following foot malpositions: Splayfoot, Flatfoot (Bend-Lower-Splayfoot), Bend-Lower-Foot, Drop-Foot, Hollow-Foot as well as for heel spurs, leg length differences and other complaints.

To compensate for knock knees or bow legs, our orthopedic shoemaker can make inner or outer rim elevations on your insoles at your request. If you send us a gait analysis (a short video of a few steps is enough) by e-mail after your order, we can take it into account when making your insoles.

Our custom insoles can help with heel spurs. While they cannot eliminate the heel spur itself, they can help soothe and thus relieve the inflammation at the heel bone and tendon insertion by providing a special heel cushion. Therefore, we recommend wearing our insoles to minimize symptoms and provide optimal support for the foot. In our app, you can simply indicate that you suffer from heel spurs, and we will customize your insoles accordingly.

We can gladly make your insoles with a one-sided heel raise to compensate for a leg length difference. As a rule, an increase of up to 0.8 cm is unproblematic, as the foot then does not “slip out” of the shoe. When you place your order, you can simply indicate how many millimeters of compensation you need in the questionnaire included in the app, and we will customize the insoles accordingly. If you are already used to wearing insoles with a rise of more than 0.8 cm, we can of course make this rise for you directly.

As soon as there are any changes regarding your order, we will keep you informed by e-mail. For specific inquiries about your order status, please contact our customer service department at orders@shoefitter.io with your foot number.

Simply order your insoles here on the website. After payment, you will get access to our app, which you will use to scan your feet. Once we have your information, we’ll begin production and ship your custom sooley insoles directly to your home.

Our 3D scan includes five scans of each of your feet in full weight bearing, a scan of the bottom of your foot without weight bearing, a scan of your old insole, and an expert-generated questionnaire. This information will allow our master orthotist to create your custom orthotics. You also have the option to send us a video for gait analysis.

While you scan your feet with our app, the scan data is automatically uploaded to our servers. Using this data, we can quickly identify your foot shape and individual needs to create the perfect insole for you.

Yes, you can order for another person without any problems. To do so, simply start a new scan in our app and enter the person’s details.

Yes, you can order for multiple people by first placing an order for each person and then doing multiple scans in our app. For each person you want to order for, you must complete a separate pass and enter the name of that person.

Thanks to our experienced orthopedic shoemakers, we can use the 3D scans of your feet to determine precisely which foot malposition exists and where your feet need support. We obtain additional relevant information, such as complaints like heel spurs or an identified leg length discrepancy, from additional scans or your questionnaire.

You don’t need a prescription for your custom sooley insoles. Nevertheless, our insoles can compete with prescription insoles in quality and effect. They are manufactured according to the standards of the GKV-Spitzenverband der Krankenkassen in our certified production.

Yes, if you already own sooley insoles and would like to order more, you can do so at any time. Make sure you use the same email address you used for your previous order.

You can pay with credit card (Visa, Amex, Mastercard) and Paypal.

Shipping within the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is free of charge.

Yes, we ship worldwide. For information on shipping costs, please contact our customer service at support@sooley.de

After we receive your 3D scan, your insoles are usually made within 3-5 business days. Delivery by Deutsche Post or DHL takes an additional 2-3 business days in DE and 2-4 business days in AT.

Yes, you can have your order delivered to a Packstation. Please include both your postal number and the number of the packing station.

That is unfortunate! Upon request, we will send you a DHL tracking link that you can use to track your package. If you still cannot find your package, please contact our customer service at support@sooley.de.

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